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Emergency Drain Repairs for Customers in Kent and London

Buried out of sight it is easy to forget about the importance of your drainage system until it develops a fault such as a leak from a broken drain; we get drain leaks and blockages found and repaired fast across London and Kent.

We recommend regular inspections and maintenance work, especially for commercial properties, on all of your drainage system to ensure problems like blocked or cracked drains are spotted early and dealt with long before they become a serious problem. If you don’t have a drain repair maintenance contract in place, we can also provide an emergency drain repairs service across London, Kent, Maidstone and Medway that quickly traces the problem and gets it fixed to the highest quality standards.

CCTV surveys and fault finding

One of the biggest challenges with any kind of emergency drain repair is working out exactly where the problem is. In the past it could mean digging up whole sections of your garden or floors, today we apply technology like miniature CCTV cameras to get a close up look at the insides of your entire drainage system to quickly find blockages or splits with no damaging or costly excavation unless absolutely necessary.

Relining of broken, cracked or leaking drains

Relining is a smart solution to minor drainage structural repairs like cracked drains or tree root damage which is fast and often means no excavations or digging are required. A collapsed tube of tough plastic material is put into a drain that has a crack or split, the tube is then inflated to hug tight against the drain walls and cured which hardens the material and bonds it to the surface of the pipe, neatly locking away the leaking cracked drain section.

Blocked drains, lateral cutting and intrusion removal

Usually a blocked drain can be fixed using high pressure power flushing, but for seriously blocked drains or major intrusions like tree roots we can utilise cutting equipment from within the drain itself using CCTV to find the fault and guide the repair. This is an ideal alternative to time consuming excavations that reduces cost and mess.

Broken drain pipework excavation

Sometimes excavation is the only way to fix a problem, we minimise disruption using fault finding technology like CCTV drain surveys so only one excavation is required that hits the right spot first time. Once the drain is excavated it’s a simple task to carry out repair works on major blockages or breaks of any kind and get everything put back as neatly as possible.

Comprehensive drain repairs from property to sewer

Whatever the drainage problem across the Kent and London area, we take care of it for homeowners, businesses, property managers and letting agencies. We guarantee great value on services half or even a third the price of many local competitors with a promise of no travelling charges across Ashford, Strood, Gillingham, Croydon, Faversham, Crawley, Gravesend, Aylesford, Sheppey, Chatham, Maidstone, Redhill, Dartford, Canterbury, Sittingbourne, Rochester, Sheerness, Medway, Swanley, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells.

For the best in service, price, quality and most effective emergency blocked drain repairs at home or at work put it in the hands of the specialists at Drainserve; contact us today and we can arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with one of our experienced team.