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CCTV Surveys for Drain Repairs in Kent and London

The fast, cost effective and minimal disturbance way to quickly identify all kinds of drain blockages, cracked drain pipes, tree root damage and other drain repair needs is with a CCTV survey.

Developed for security, CCTV cameras are so small now that they have become an invaluable tool for dealing with all kinds of blocked drains, tree root problems and fault finding leaks like cracks in the drain pipe. Feeding a miniature camera into the drain system enables us to see exactly what the problem is and where it is without any kind of excavations work; it speeds up the task of finding a drain blockage or leak, reduces the amount of searching we have to do and ultimately saves you money.

We specialise in providing first class and cost effective CCTV drain surveys tohomeowners and commercial businesses across Medway, Maidstone, Kent and London. Call us today on 0845 299 7445 to arrange a comprehensive CCTV drain survey at your home or office.

Fast fault finding for drain blockages and cracked drain pipes

Minimal fuss and minimal disruption CCTV surveys quickly establish the facts and are an ideal accompaniment to other methods of drain repairs. The cameras cannot tell us if a drain is perfectly watertight but it will quickly highlight drain blockages and most types of damage such as tree root intrusion or cracked drain pipe damage from previous excavations. Once our engineers have had a good look at the problem they can put together a precise drain repair plan and quotation ensuring no expensive excavations trying to find the problem.

Pre-purchase drain surveys for homeowners

CCTV has become such a useful and quick to use tool it is becoming common practice for house buyers to arrange a CCTV drain survey checking for any serious or costly problems like cracked drain pipes or tree root damage. Drainage systems can be highly complex and with nearly all of it hidden away below ground there is no way for typical surveys or viewings to assess the state of repair. Our CCTV survey will show up any major blocked drain or repair faults anywhere in the system and of course we can provide video evidence of any problems we find to go with your survey report.

Surveys for insurance claims

Insurance claims are also much easier, thanks to the numerous advantages of CCTV drain surveys. Insurers simply cannot dispute damage like drain pipes cracked by a tree root when it has been recorded on video.

Drain maintenance services across the Kent region

We provide our CCTV survey services to homeowners and commercial clients including letting agencies, house buyers and the NHS across the Kent and London regions. Travelling to Gillingham, Strood, Swanley, Chatham, Maidstone, Rochester, Ashford, Croydon, Canterbury, Redhill, Sheppey, Crawley, Tonbridge, Medway, Sittingbourne, Gravesend, Dartford, Aylesford, Faversham, Sheerness and Tunbridge Wells we guarantee to only charge you for the work we do, not the travelling time to get to you!

No matter what your requirements for CCTV drain surveys for pre-purchase or fault finding cracked or blocked drains put it in the hands of the specialists at Drainserve; contact us today and we can arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with one of our experienced team.